You are panning for gold or interested in this topic?
You want to optimize your equipment and customize to your personal way of working?
They see the benefits techn. Innovations and tools ?

Then you will easily find their way to our site and find many useful articles and suggestions for effective equipment for a successful search for gold with us. We present here some of our own developments and products of our brand 10 ° but also some components for self and own designs.
Each component offered by us is tested by us and some is also used in our own products. Our product range is constantly expanding and we hope hereby to offer an appealing selection of special articles.
Our goal is to support you through this diversity in your projects supportive to the side.

Our 10 ° products we offer for the most part as a kit but also ready to assembled. Here you can choose using our configurator exactly the required composition and stage of development. This creates overview and buy only what you really want.
We see ourselves as a manufacturer, we manufacture our products in small batches 10 ° and provided each with a stamped serial number. Also, due to our high quality standards, we are not in competition with mass or Far Eastern items.
We develop and sell only products of their functionality, we are confident to 100%. These reasons justify our price level and let us stand out from the crowd.

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If you have questions about a product or need something special, please contact us. We are happy to help you with our technical expertise on. Also custom designs and desires we realize reliable and well-known quality to real prices.