Ultimate tool for gold-digger 

Troughs are next to the washing pan the main tool to mine for gold has always effective. There are hundreds of species of different channel designs and countless variations of passive and active systems. Using religious wars are formalized in and convinced users of a brand / a system usually does not think outside the box. They remain stubbornly to their opinion and your system where you often can see a pure brand fetishism. How many do you conjure used system as the ultimate.
Which system but is really best to lump sum can not be answered. Too many factors play a role and a system for everything can always be a compromise. It all depends on the circumstances which system at which place would be most optimally suited.

The Modul Sluice 

Due to the inflexibility befindlicher market channels, we have decided to develop that keeps all options open to use passive or active fishing methods and changed at any time or to combine a system. To use also the possibility of other manufacturers in this channel, this makes it unique. We are convinced that we have succeeded with this gutter system something very special.

The Easy Sluice

As newcomers and also minimalists not with so high priced and complex systems such as the module can deal Sluice or want, we do not have a simple and inexpensive channel with Greenline mats - the favored us, and our opinion, the best active gear system on the market - equipped, This all-round gutter will show you in a short time what is really possible in your area.

The VSS Standsystem

Also to give a firm footing to top it all, we have gone a step further and have a tailor on our gutters rack system together . The system is constructed to be understood that it is also suitable for channels other manufacturers. Just typical of our basic philosophy to ensure a high level of flexibility and compatibility.

Easy Sluice by 10°

  Der sichere Weg zum Gold  ...

Easy Prospector

  Die Prospektionsrinne  ...

Cleanout Sluice

  Die Feinwaschrinne  ...

VSS Stand by 10°

Andrücken und los geht´s Das VSS...

Mats, Miners Moos, expanded Metal

Mit dieser Auswahl an Matten, Streckgittern usw. können...

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